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Research and strategy
Transactional positioning
Information positioning
Technical SEO
The key is to be noticed and chosen by qualified users. Organically.

Research and strategy.

  • Public and competition
  • Thematic content
  • Types of content

The real essence of getting results in SEO lies in the strategy approach. It is also in the methodical execution of the action plan.

Although we know that SEO is known with a certain obscurantism and suspicion, the majority of projects that fail is because they fail in one of these two areas.

SEO is a balance between technique and marketing, but it is also a lot of work and experimentation until you have a solid and validated method of your own.

Transactional positioning.

  • Transactional enquiries
  • Structure
  • Search intentions
  • Content hierarchy

Transactional searches are where the bulk of brands compete; they are user queries with a strong purchase intent. Quantitatively they are less than informational searches, although it is important not to stay on the surface.

The web structure is a key element for transactional positioning, but it also involves understanding the users' search intention and correctly planning the hierarchy and type of content.

Information positioning.

  • Reverse inbound logic
  • Searches and search intentions
  • Content plan
  • Conversion

As we advance, inversely, in the commercial funnel, we will find ourselves further away from the users' intention to buy.

Therefore, the strategy must give the content plan the right direction so that the people who visit us can progress with us until the final purchase decision is made.

Technical SEO.

  • On-Page
  • Off-Page
  • Specific situations

The more technical side of SEO solves specific problems and adjusts the project to the technical preferences of search engines.

Essentially, we make your task easier and align ourselves with your technical interests to become your best ally.

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We are preparing the launch of our web design and freelancing school to help you, if you need it, to take a leap as a professional.

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How can a product designed by you help me?

We put beauty and functionality at the service of a product tailored to the needs of your business and your customers.

Driven by data and insights from your users, we create creative digital solutions that have the power to transform your brand.

How does the agency work?

We focus on understanding the needs of users and the needs of each company to create products of value that last over time.

Can you help me to boost my new website?

Yes, we have a web marketing service that has met its objectives in 100% of our work.

Our iterative CDS (objective - hypothesis - actions - analysis) working method allows us to focus on each objective of the strategy.

Do you only work with large companies?

No. We work with any brand that has a big challenge and wants a professional job that takes care of every detail.
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